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Win a CZ 550 American

Here’s a chance for you to win a new CZ 550 American. The cool part of this gun giveaway is that it also includes a bunch of other cool hunting gear, and a 7 day African safari (Airfare included!). Wild Outdoor Adventures has partnered with the Pursuit Channel, CZ-USA, and other top companies in the hunting industry for this trip of a lifetime. As a bonus, the whole thing will be filmed for an episode of Wild Outdoor Adventures. Click here to read the story of the last winner. Wayland, a firefighter from Florida won the rifle and stag hunt(Awesome stag Wayland!) in Argentina, but it wasn’t his first time there. The first was when he was abducted with his younger brother at the age of 3. He didn’t make it back to the US and his mother until he was 16.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to win other guns from CZ-USA. You’ll read about them here first.
CZ-USA Photo Contest: I’ll be letting you know all the details soon, but because some deer seasons are already starting up in some places…. If you’re hunting with a CZ this season, make sure that your trophy photo includes the CZ rifle in it, as you will need that photo for the contest.

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