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Welcome to the new CZ-USA website!

Metathesiophobia is the fear of change. Change is sometimes difficult and long in coming, but we finally have our new website up. This time the change has been eagerly anticipated and welcome.

For those of you reading this on the site. Thanks for visiting! We are still working through cleaning up some of the details and we’re making corrections and updates all the time.

The new site went live around noon on Tuesday. The first full day for the new site was Wednesday. The page visits are up over 275% from only a month ago. We actually had to make some major changes Tuesday night just to accomodate the higher traffic levels.

Take a look around, there are lots of new features. The most exciting for me is the opportunity to share pictures and videos with other enthusiasts. Go to the page where the product you want to feature is displayed, and submit your story, picture or video at the bottom of that page. (for more details, read the blog post below)

Browsing for products is now much improved. Not only can you browse by firearm type, but now you can browse by brand or purpose. Browsing by purpose is pretty cool. You can select the type of hunting you are interested in and only the firearms best suited for that type of hunting are displayed. Other purposes we’ve categorized include firearms sized for youth or ladies, home defense, law enforcement and competition.

Speaking of new pages, check out the new CZ-USA Twitter page.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be covering news from Keith, the Operations Manager at Dan Wesson Firearms, Angus Hobdell, Captain of the CZ-USA Shooting Team, and with the new TV season getting ready to start, I’ll be covering each of the shows that feature CZ-USA products. To get a preview, take a look at the “CZ on TV” section of our website.


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