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Warning: Infringing in progress.

As many are aware, the unalienable right to bear arms has already been significantly infringed on national, state and local levels. In recent weeks and months, laws have been passed at the state level, with many more under consideration at both the state and federal levels.

The anti-liberty, anti-gun crowd has media on its side, spreading misinformation and exploiting victims of tragedy in an effort to advance an agenda that infringes on the rights of lawful citizens.  Don’t let the media speak for you, tell your elected officials where you stand on the issues.  Click here to quickly and easily write your state and federal legislators.  With it, you can write your own message to your representatives or use the one prepared by the NSSF.

There are a handful of people who believe that ‘sensible’ gun laws are a solution. In his recent blog, Bobby Holik writes about  the loss of personal freedoms that his family experienced in Czechoslovakia.  The parallels should concern even the most ‘sensible’ among our citizenry.

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