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Safari Season

All hunting interests me, but there are a few hunts that I’ll find myself planning and scheming for every once in a while. Sometimes the hunt is a one animal feature, other times (my favorites) it’s at least a double feature and when everything comes together, it’s the safari equivalent of a month long movie marathon.

Africa, Canada, and Alaska are great places to do this as are several US states during the right season. Mule Deer and Pronghorn combos along with Black Bear and Elk can all be found in various combinations across the Western US during the right time of year. Even if the area you are hunting doesn’t have that kind of variety, In many areas you can get one or more trophy whitetail tags plus a few doe tags and a hog to round out the hunt. Maybe pick up a fall turkey tag for good measure.

Here are some African hunts that cross my mind on occasion (ok, it’s actually, every 15 seconds or so).….Elephants, Buffalo, Eland, Zebra, Kudu, Black Wildebeest, or Hartebeest along with about a thousand other animals in Africa. I just can’t pass up the Steenbok and Duikers….. or any of the other pygmy antelope for that matter. How about a black mamba? Ok, that may be just a little too dangerous for me so what about Bongo, Bushbuck, Nyala, Oryx or Sable?

Planning, thinking and dreaming about hunting always gets my blood pumping. Maybe the hunts I daydream about aren’t the same as yours. If you still need inspiration for your imagination take a look at the vast array of game animals in CZ-USA’s media gallery. It’s organized by continent and will literally provide you with inspiration and vicarious living through the camera lenses of the hunter. If you have a hunt photo you’d like to share, click on the “Share Your CZ Experience” link found at the bottom of every product page.

Jan from Cleburne, TX shared the photo above with us from the Zimbabwe safari he just returned from. Jan’s first buff fell to a single shot from his CZ 550 American Safari Magnum. I think he has caught the fever, as he has started to plan for at least 4 more buffalo hunts.

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