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New Products for 2010

2010 is just around the corner and along with the new year comes new guns from CZ and Dan Wesson. The Valor line of 1911’s from Dan Wesson is expanding with new finish options and the V-Bob, a Valor grade Bobtail Commander. The Guardian is another new DW model. It’s an alloy framed Bobtail Commander in 9mm.
Not to let the 1911 fans have all the fun, there are plenty of new products in the CZ line as well.
Among the new guns from CZ for 2010 is the 455, the next generation of the CZ bolt action rimfire rifle. It is replacing the CZ 452 American model for 2010 and will replace other 452 models over the next year or two. Speaking of rimfires, remember the photo contest ends at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. We’re giving away a CZ 452 (or 455 if you prefer) to each of the photo contest winners.
Make sure you don’t miss the other new releases: the Upland Ultralight, a 6 lb 12 ga O/U, the 550 Urban Counter Sniper (very cool), 2 new competition models from the CZ Custom Shop, the Hammer Classic, the Limited Edition 75 Stainless, the Duty in .40 S&W, the Left Hand version of the American Safari Magnum, the 452 thumbhole varmint, and 2 new custom shop enhanced shotguns(one for hunting and one for competition).
We’ve also brought back a couple of rifles that have been missing for a few years. The 550 Batttue, and the 550 medium magnum in 7mm Rem Mag.
Press releases with photos for all of the new guns can be found at the bottom of the support->downloads page.
Happy Holidays from CZ-USA!

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