Member of COLT CZ Group

James Ted” Bonnet, TEAM CZ-USA”

February 1999

NRA Certified Handgun Instructor (BFJ7664H) Basic Firearms,
Home Safety, Personal Protection, Texas Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor (00004968)
USPSA Grandmaster
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Gun of Choice: CZ 75 ST-IPSC, .40 caliber
Gunsmith: Greg Feris, Feris Firearms, Bulverde, TX

1998 Steel Challenge IDPA Enhanced Pistol Division
1998 Carter Martin Memorial
1998 3rd Overall Texas State Limited Championship
1997 Hellweg World Challenge Stock Division World Champion
1997 World Shoot-offs Stock Division World Champion
1997 Texas State Limited Champion and 2nd Overall
1996 IPSC Standard Division World Champion
1995 World Shoot-offs Stock Division World Champion
1993 World Speed Shooting Stock Division World Champion
1993 IPSC Standard Division World Champion
1992 USPSA Limited Division National Champion
1994 USPSA Area 3 Limited Division Champion
1992 and 1993 USPSA Area 4 Limited Division Champion
1993, 1994 and 1995 Texas State Limited Champion
1992, 1993 and 1994 Texas Riviera Limited Division Champion
1992 Texas Riviera Champion (HOA)
1994, 1995 and 1996 Space City Challenge Limited Division
1993 and 1994 Texas State NRA Iron Sight Champion
1992 Texas Challenge High Overall
1990 Texas Steel Challenge High Overall
1993 USPSA Limited Nationals 7th Overall
1996 World Shoot-offs Championship 2nd Overall

Day Job:    Corporate Pilot, Shaddox, Compre, Walraven and Good San Antonio, TX

1999 Competitions: Area 3, Space City Challenge, Carter Martin Memorial, USPSA Area 1, Area 4, USPSA Limited Nationals, IPSC World Shoot, 1999 World Shoot-offs Championship, Steel Challenge, Paper and Iron, Gulf Coast Challenge

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