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Hobbits, Doves and Reality TV

I remember reading somewhere that there are more shells shot per bird on dove hunting than any other game animal. After some quick internet research, it seems that most estimates are between 6 and 8 shots fired for every dove taken. While this is a testament to the aerobatic abilities of the species, our shells/bird ratio also can be an indication of our need for some range time.
With opening weekend of dove season recently behind me, and a morning spent in pursuit of sand grouse a couple of weeks before that (Photo courtesy of Kevin Steele), my personal shells to bird ratio hints that some more remedial training may be in order.
CZ-USA Pro Shooter Dave Miller shares some tips for sporting clays in this new video clip that might help those ratios improve a little in the field this fall.
If it’s time to upgrade your wing shooting gear, take a look at the CZ Redhead O/U or the CZ 712 and 720 semi-auto shotguns. Thy’re dependable, great shooting and a real value.
Celebrity Sightings:
Scroll down the CZ 550 Safari Magnum page to see what Jack Osbourne of reality TV fame and “Lord of the Rings” star Elijah Wood were up to while filming in Zambia recently.

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