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GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Releases Statement On Upcoming World Record Attempt by Dave Miller of CZ-USA

As we hope everyone is now aware, Dave Miller of CZ-USA will attempt to set the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement for “Most sporting clay targets broken in one hour” by breaking over 3,000 clays with a shotgun on May 12, 2015 in Harrisonville, Missouri.

In preparation, CZ-USA approached GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS to learn the requirements for breaking any standing record, knowing that John Cloherty claimed to be the official record holder for the same record with over 4,5oo clays broken in 1992. GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS issued the following statement:

“Guinness World Records did recognize John Cloherty’s 1992 record attempt for ‘Most sporting clay targets broken in one hour.’ While this was a valid attempt at the time, our requirements for a new record have changed. We have created a set of guidelines that place strict controls on the distance and number of targets allowed for each shot. Although John Cloherty’s achievement does remain in our database, all future attempts will be monitored separately under the new rules in order to ensure fairness. accuracy, and compliance with safe gun handling practices.” -GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

If Dave Miller breaks 3,000+ sporting clays on May 16, 2015, he will be the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS holder for “Most sporting clay targets broken in one hour”.

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