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Dan Wesson Firearms Reopens

Dan Wesson Firearms is back up and running. After experiencing a fire in November 2012, the manufacturer of high-quality 1911s has now relocated and rebuilt.  Still based in Norwich, New York, the first of their 1911-style handguns produced in the new plant will be delivered to customers  this month.  (April 2013)

Dan Wesson Contact Information:
Product Information:
Warranty and repair: OR 607-336-1174
Parts: OR 607-336-1174

About Dan Wesson Firearms:
Founded in 1968 by Dan Wesson (grandson of Smith & Wesson co-founder Daniel B. Wesson) and Karl R. Lewis, Dan Wesson Firearms made a name for itself manufacturing a line of revolvers famous for a swappable barrel system and impressive accuracy.  The current line of Dan Wesson 1911s is unmatched by any other production 1911 on the market.  They are built in the same tradition of quality and innovation initiated by the brand’s founders.

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