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Dan Wesson 7445-AGS (Alaskan Guide Special), .445 SuperMag

February 2006

The Dan Wesson Alaskan Guide Special is designed to be a companion on rugged outdoor adventures in the wilderness areas where humans are not always the top of the food chain. From its modern frame and barrel design to the durable matte black “Yukon Coat” finish, the AGS in made to perform for the rugged outdoors person. Chambered in the mammoth 445 SuperMag Cartridge it will also allow the user to chamber and fire any of the standard 44 magnum variants. (44 magnum, 44 special, and 445 SuperMag) Equipped with a 4” barrel and compensated barrel shroud, the AGS is a powerful sidearm that will stop the meanest of large game and predators.

This revolver is designed to be a powerful stopper, yet also convenient to holster and carry in rugged terrain. The modern design and grip angle allows for a well balanced compensated revolver that tames the recoil and allows great control with the use of the powerful SuperMag cartridges. The barrel assembly is interchangeable with all Dan Wesson Firearms 445 SuperMag barrel assemblies. Whether you are hunting, hiking, fishing or camping in dangerous game territory, you will want to take along your Alaskan Guide Special.

445 SuperMag, Dan Wesson ammunition in various bullet weights is available from your local dealer, direct from Dan Wesson Firearms, and CZ-USA.

Suggested Retail: $1295.00

CZ-USA provides sales and warranty support from their Kansas City, Kansas location.
CZ-USA, P.O. Box 171073, Kansas City, KS 66117-0073


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