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CZ-USA Safari Classics Express Rifle

January 2009

Kansas City, KS – 1 January, 2009

CZ-USA Safari Classics Express Rifle

The new Safari Classics Express Rifles are designed for cartridges that fit the standard and medium magnum CZ 550 actions. The Express Rifle features a fancy grade American black walnut stock, styled in the same fashion as our Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifles and the CZ 550 American Safari Magnum. While the .338 and smaller bore rifles in the new line complement the Magnum Express Rifle perfectly in your 2 gun safari battery, the dangerous game cartridges offered in the standard length Express Rifle are for the hunter that needs decisive power yet desires a lighter weight rifle. The .425 Westley Richards and 9.3×62 are classic cartridges developed to fit the standard length Mauser actions and are used today for dangerous game in Africa. Recent developments in powder technology have given rise to new standard length rounds designed for dangerous game that are also available in the new Express Rifle.

Express Rifles: • .425 Westley Richards• .416 Ruger• .416 Taylor• .375 Ruger• 9.3×62• .338 Winchester Magnum• .300 Remington Ultra Magnum• .300 Winchester Magnum• .300 Holland & Holland• .30-06 Springfield• .270 Winchester

Magnum Express Rifles: • .505 Gibbs• .500 Jeffery• .458 Lott• .450 Rigby• .416 Rigby• .416 Remington Magnum• .404 Jeffery• .375 Holland & Holland Mag• .338 Lapua

All Safari Classics rifles are individually built to the customer’s specifications and feature a single-set trigger tuned to your specifications, a gloss, satin, matte or rust blue metal finish, fancy grade American Black Walnut stock with dual crossbolts and straight comb, glass bedded to the individual action and a barrel band sling mount.

The Safari Classics Custom Shop can be reached at 800-955-4486 x 338 or

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