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CZ-USA Handguns Approved for sale in Maryland

October 2000

CZ-USA has Eight handgun models approved for sale in Maryland.

The state of Maryland requires the addition of a fired cartridge (handgun DNA of sorts) to accompany every handgun sold in the state. This is in addition to the requirement of certification of the handgun by the Maryland handgun roster board.

Each “Maryland approved” pistol will have a decal on the outside of the box stating it is compliant.

CZ 75B                9mm Luger

CZ 75B                .40 S&W;

CZ 83                .380 Auto

CZ 83                .32 Auto

CZ 85 Combat     9mm Luger

CZ 100                9mm Luger

CZ 100                .40 S&W;

CZ 97B                .45 ACP

CZ-USA intends to have more of its firearms tested throughout the year for inclusion into the Maryland handgun roster.

Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) has been a leader in firearms manufacturing since its creation in 1936 in Uherský Brod, Czechoslovakia. CZ’s use of state of the art technology combined with European craftsmanship has gained them worldwide recognition for their incredibly accurate, durable, and dependable line of pistols, centerfire rifles, rimfire rifles, over and under shotguns, and airguns. CZ-USA is pleased to provide sales and warranty support for their American customers from their location in Kansas City, Kansas.

Contact: Martin Bordson, CZ-USA
(913) 321-1811
(913) 321-4901

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