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CZ-USA Announces the Ringneck Side by Side Shotgun

January 2005

CZ-USA is pleased to introduce the Ringneck side by side. The Ringneck features a tastefully engraved, color case hardened receiver with side plates.

Each shotgun in the Ringneck line is built on a frame sized specifically for its gauge. This perfectly balanced side by side features a round knob pistol grip, a single trigger and extractors. With the exception of the .410 model, which has fixed chokes in improved cylinder and modified, five screw-in chokes come standard with the Ringneck.

Details that make the difference on these fine shotguns include your choice of 26” or 28” chrome lined barrels, quality Turkish walnut stocks, excellent wood to metal fit, hand cut checkering, and hand engraving.

Suggested Retail Price:
12, 20 gauge: $869
28, .410 gauge: $1045


Contact: Jason Morton
(913) 321-1811
Fax: (913) 321-2251
For Immediate Release

CZ-USA, P.O.Box 171073, Kansas City, KS 66117-0073


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  1. Dear CZ,

    I live in the heart if South West Georgia Quall Plantation Country and shoot quail, duck and dove every year as many times as possible. I grew up hunting quail in the fence rows of South Georgia with my Dad’s Stevens SXS 12. I have been fortunate enough as an adult to own some pretty nice upland game shotguns with brand names like Browning & lately Beretta.

    I recently purchased a CZ 20 gauge Ring Neck SXS because it reminded me of my youth and hunting with my dad’s circa 1950’s double. Since purchasing this gun at 1/3 to 1/2 the price of the other guns in my safe I have had the chance to hunt a plantation for two full days. I carried 2 guns with me a Beretta 28 gauge and the new un-fired CZ. The first morning I picked up the ring neck and placed in on the quail buggy next to the silver pigeons and a multitude of Brownings and proceeded to put on a wing shooting clininc. I love, love, love the gun and shot it for two solid days. You guys are building a quality product that points and shoots as well as anything on the market. I had a great time. You’ folks at CZ can proud of the product your company has in the market because it is one fine little gun.

    Happy in the Land of the Bob White,

    Jim Carter

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