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CZ-USA Announces Safari Classics Rifles

January 2005

CZ-USA is pleased to introduce the Safari Classics line of dangerous game rifles. The Safari Classics line breathes new life into 3 legendary African calibers, .404 Jeffery, .450 Rigby, and .505 Gibbs. A premium selection of safari clothing, ammunition and accessories are also now available from CZ-USA to compliment the new rifle line.

The Safari Classics rifles are built to the specifications of the individual hunter. The base package starts with the CZ 550 Magnum action, a #1 fancy grade American black walnut stock, 3 leaf express sights, barrel mounted sling stud, and choice of matte or gloss blue finish. Possible upgrades include but are not limited to: glass bedding, muzzle break, bolt jewelling, and mercury recoil reducer (included in .505 Gibbs)

Suggested Retail Price:
.505 Gibbs..………………………..$1850
.404 Jeffery, .450 Rigby……………$1750

Contact: Jason Morton
(913) 321-1811
Fax: (913) 321-2251
For Immediate Release

CZ-USA, P.O.Box 171073, Kansas City, KS 66117-0073


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