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CZ Cottontail

January 2009

Kansas City, KS – 1 January, 2009

CZ Cottontail

The Cottontail is a great shotgun for the beginning shooter, or for those seeking the simple elegance and challenge of a single shot. Featuring an exposed hammer with a transfer bar safety, you can see at a glance if your protégé is on “safe” under field conditions. Available in both standard and youth sizes.

Cottontail Single shot, silver receiver, sling mounts, modified choke

.410, 20ga – 24” bbl, 13” Length of pull, 40” overall (youth)

.410, 20ga, – 28” bbl, 14.5” Length of pull, 45” overall

06025 COTTONTAIL Single Shot 20ga, 24″ bbl YOUTH Model

06026 COTTONTAIL Single Shot .410, 24″ bbl YOUTH Model

06027 COTTONTAIL Single Shot 20ga, 28″ bbl

06028 COTTONTAIL Single Shot .410, 28″ bbl

MSRP: $255

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