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CZ 452 Thumbhole Varmint

December 2009

For Immediate Release

Kansas City, KS – 17 December 2009

CZ 452 Thumbhole Varmint

The CZ 452 Varmint is now available in a laminated thumbhole stock configuration.  The receiver of the CZ 452 is forged from billet steel, not tubing or plastic.  The trigger is adjustable for weight of pull to meet the requirements of the individual shooter whether in competition or in the field.  The quality and attention to detail that goes into every rimfire produced by CZ has made the CZ rimfires a growing favorite among small game hunters and smallbore competitors in the US.

Item # and Suggested Retail Price: #02045  (.22 LR) $530;  #02046 (.17HMR);   $555

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