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City officials say 80,000 NRA members visited Charlotte

We are all back in the office again after spending the weekend at the 139th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Charlotte, NC. According to the NRA, over 70,000 members attended this year. At the CZ-USA booth, we enjoyed the opportunity to meet with many of you. The NRA show is always a fun show for us, actually it’s unique in the firearms industry. It gives us the chance to talk face to face with literally thousands of other people who, like us, are passionate about RKBA, shooting sports and hunting. This year we answered lots of questions on both our existing and new products, especially the 455 and 512 rimfire rifles, the upland ultralight shotgun and the P-07 Duty. We also got to hear about the successes that other CZ shooters have had recently in the hunting fields as well as the fields of competition. Hopefully we will get the chance to get together at next year’s convention in Pittsburgh, PA from April 29th to May 1st.
– Jason

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