Member of COLT CZ Group

Jared Fox

Home state: Missouri Years Shooting: 6 Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: 2019 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: CZ Shadow 2 Modifications: CGW Trigger job and springs, Henning Grips and Base pads, Nickel Magazines Gear: BSPS Boss Holster, Double Alpha belt with Long’s mag pouches Safety Gear: Hunters HD Gold Lenses in Oakley Frames and Soundgear Electronic ear […]

Dave Miller (AKA Clay Killer Miller)

Home State: Missouri Years Shooting: 28 Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: 2007 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: CZ Sporter 12ga 32” , CZ 612 Trap Pump 12ga 32”, CZ Redhead 28ga 28” List of Accomplishments:Extremely proud to be representing CZ-USA in the 2016 PSCA Pro tourMissouri All State Team 2010,11,12,13,15,162015 Missouri State Sporting Clays ChampionSet New Guinness World Record for The Most […]

Matt Hopkins

Home state: Missouri Started Shooting Competitively: 2008 Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: 2010 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: CZ Shadow 2 Equipment:Production Division- Shadow 2, 13 lb main spring, 11 lb recoil spring, competition hammerCarry Optics Division- P-10 F Optics-Ready, HBI flat trigger, 15 lb recoil spring, Sightmark Mini Shot M-SpecAmmo- Federal Premium 9mm 150 gr SyntechEye Protection- […]

Sara Taylor

Home state: Arizona Years Shooting: 16 Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: 2010 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: CZ SP01 Shadow & Dan Wesson 1911 List of Accomplishments: 2015 High Lady USPSA Area 1 and Single Stack overall 2015 IPSC US National High Lady Production 2012 through 2015: Western States Single Stack Classic High Lady 2014 USPSA National High Lady Production 2014 […]

Rossen Hristov

Home state: Nevada Years Shooting: 10+ Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team since: 2015 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearms: CZ SP-01 Shadow, CZ P-09, CZ 75 TS Czechmate List of Accomplishments: Rossen was part of CZ shooting team Europe for 4 years, winning number of major international IPSC matches in that region. He is multiple time Pistol Production division and Rifle Standard division […]

Mike Pannone

Home state: Arizona Years Shooting: USPSA for 9 years consistently and 14 overall, Began recreational shooting at age 8 Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: 2015 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: CZ P-07, CZ SP-01, CZ 75 Tactical Sport List of Accomplishments: Former operational member of US Marine Reconnaissance, US Army Special Forces, 1st SFOD-D and the Asymmetric Warfare Group. Master Class […]

Kelly Neal

Home state: Arizona Years Shooting: 33 years competing, 36 years hunting Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: 2016 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: CZ Custom CZ75 CTS LS SAO, Dan Wesson PM7, CZ Woodcock List of Accomplishments (Top 10): USPSA GM in Limited USPSA National Limited 3 Gun Champion 2005 2008  Ft. Benning 3 Gun Tactical Scope Division Champion 2011 and 2012 […]

Angus Hobdell

Home state: Arizona Years Shooting: 30+ Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: The Beginning, 2004 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: Dan Wesson PM-9 List of Accomplishments: Multiple national and international titles. Advice for shooters wanting to get into competitive shooting: Take your time and learn how to shoot first! Learning and following the basics of marksmanship will always win through. Website: