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CZ Shotgun Basics

If you have a CZ semi-auto or pump shotgun, we’ve recently uploaded a series of YouTube videos covering the basics of disassembly and maintenance, as well as magazine plug removal. In the pipeline are a few videos on our side-by-sides and over/unders as well. If there are any other videos you’d like to see from […]

The CZ Single Set Trigger System

A lifetime of hunting will expose you to a multitude of situations.  You will be presented with fleeting opportunities that require a quick shot and when hunting dangerous game you must be prepared for the life or death shot to stop a charge. On the other hand, most shots will give you the opportunity to […]

Hunting Mountain Lion with a Dan Wesson 1911

Hunting for television can be tricky. It is not only about what you see, but what the camera can see and capture as well…. Unlike conditions in the studio, you have no control of the weather or the animals. I landed in Grand Junction, CO in mid February full of expectations. This was my third […]

Tom Knapp, Shooting Star

The shooting world lost a great man today. Shooting Star Tom Knapp passed away this afternoon. Tom reinvented exhibition shooting almost 30 years after the passing of Herb Parsons. Tom was an inspiration to  generations of shooters and he will be missed. Our thoughts are with Tom’s family and friends. The article linked below was […]

The “Right Size” Handgun

Members of the CZ family of handguns come in large (full size), compact and sub compact variations from the big SP-01 and 97 through the compact sized P-01 and P-07, down to the subcompact 2075 RAMI and 83 models. Good advice for choosing a defensive handgun is to get the most powerful handgun you can […]

New CZ-USA Upland Ultralight 12 ga O/U

This light weight over/under won’t break your back or the bank. Weighing in at just 6 lbs, it is a full 2 lbs lighter than similar steel framed models. With all the gear we find ourselves carrying into the field today, (like remotes for training collars, gps, cell phone, extra ammo and a bottle of […]

Dan Wesson Firearms Reopens

Dan Wesson Firearms is back up and running. After experiencing a fire in November 2012, the manufacturer of high-quality 1911s has now relocated and rebuilt.  Still based in Norwich, New York, the first of their 1911-style handguns produced in the new plant will be delivered to customers  this month.  (April 2013) Dan Wesson Contact Information:Product […]

Second Strike…

Only true double action designs have “Second Strike” capability. If, when the trigger is pulled, the primer fails to go off, second strike capability provides an additional opportunity to fire the cartridge. This is most useful in cases where there is a defective, high, or unusually hard primer. In the case where the primer is […]

SHOT Show, SCI and Photo Contest Winners

The SHOT Show is Jan 19-22 in Las Vegas. Have your dealer stop by the CZ-USA booth (15751) to check out the CZ, Dan Wesson and Brno Rifles you are interested in. If you are planning on attending the SCI convention in Reno (Jan 20-23), please stop by booth 673 to check out the hunting […]

2013 Bianchi Cup

CZ-USA is a proud sponsor of the 2013 Bianchi Cup.The Bianchi Cup is the annual NRA Action Pistol championship match.  The match will be held at the Green Valley range outside Columbia, Mo in mid May this year.The championship’s course of fire consists of 4 events: the practical, moving target, barricade and falling plate.  Each […]