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Bolt Action Rimfire Switch Bbl Rig

The CZ 455 American Combo Package is now available from CZ-USA. The package features the new CZ 455 in .22LR and a .17 HMR barrel along with everything you need to make the caliber change. The CZ 455 eliminates the need to spend the extra expense on a second rifle when you want to add another quality shooter to your rimfire battery. The top of the line accuracy and durability that made the CZ 452 a favorite hasn’t changed in the new 455 model. One 5 round magazine is included for each caliber as are both wrenches required to switch calibers. Play the animation below to see just how easy it is.

Contact your local dealer to order.

CZ 455 American Combo cal .22 LR with .17 HMR replacement bbl – Item #2120

MSRP $573

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