Member of COLT CZ Group

Caleb Paterson

Home State: Kansas Years Shooting: 16 Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: 2019 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: CZ Czechmate Equipment:Open Division- 20lb Main Spring, 9lb Recoil spring, Sebo weapons Titanium compensator, CZ Custom Base pads and magwell, Grams magazine fallowers and spring. Henning Grips.Optic- Trijicon SRO 5MOA Belt- Double AlphaHolster- Double Alpha  List of Accomplishments: 2020 Missouri Fall Classic […]

Jared Fox

Home state: Missouri Years Shooting: 6 Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: 2019 Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: CZ Shadow 2 Modifications: CGW Trigger job and springs, Henning Grips and Base pads, Nickel Magazines Gear: BSPS Boss Holster, Double Alpha belt with Long’s mag pouches Safety Gear: Hunters HD Gold Lenses in Oakley Frames and Soundgear Electronic ear […]

2013 Bianchi Cup

CZ-USA is a proud sponsor of the 2013 Bianchi Cup.The Bianchi Cup is the annual NRA Action Pistol championship match.  The match will be held at the Green Valley range outside Columbia, Mo in mid May this year.The championship’s course of fire consists of 4 events: the practical, moving target, barricade and falling plate.  Each […]

Dan Wesson Firearms Reopens

Dan Wesson Firearms is back up and running. After experiencing a fire in November 2012, the manufacturer of high-quality 1911s has now relocated and rebuilt.  Still based in Norwich, New York, the first of their 1911-style handguns produced in the new plant will be delivered to customers  this month.  (April 2013) Dan Wesson Contact Information:Product […]

Tom Knapp, Shooting Star

The shooting world lost a great man today. Shooting Star Tom Knapp passed away this afternoon. Tom reinvented exhibition shooting almost 30 years after the passing of Herb Parsons. Tom was an inspiration to  generations of shooters and he will be missed. Our thoughts are with Tom’s family and friends. The article linked below was […]

CZ Shotgun Basics

If you have a CZ semi-auto or pump shotgun, we’ve recently uploaded a series of YouTube videos covering the basics of disassembly and maintenance, as well as magazine plug removal. In the pipeline are a few videos on our side-by-sides and over/unders as well. If there are any other videos you’d like to see from […]

CZ-USA at the Bianchi Cup

Congrats to all of the Bianchi Cup competitors, CZ-USA was proud to be there in support of our shooters. The CZ-USA Shooting Team took 3rdoverall, with shooters Chris Nuss, Jeremy Newell, Vance Schmid and Nick Guess. Chris Nuss, shooting an Elite Series Dan Wesson, finished 1stplace in Master Class. Nick Guess, also shooting an Elite […]

A whole new season of hunting television shows starts today

If April showers bring May flowers…..July brings with it a new season of hunting shows! Razor Dobbs Alive kicks it off July 1st with warthog and waterbuck hunts using the CZ 550 in 9.3×62. (Outdoor Channel: Fridays@1pm and 9:30pm,  Mondays@4pm) Petersen’s Hunting TV follows Jason from CZ-USA and host Kevin Steele on a hunt for […]

Mike Pannone on the P-07 in Shooters Magazine

When you head to the range with your CZ, do you get puzzled questions about your gun? Mike Pannone’s answer, “It’s the best pistol nobody knows about.” Here’s his write-up on the P-07.

Shooting Tips with Dave Miller — Practice wingshooting with clay targets

Upland game seasons are upon us and CZ-USA’s pro shooter Dave Miller has some tips on how to get back into the swing of things. Shooting clays is a great way to hone skills, and using them to practice wingshooting just requires a little creativity. Watch as Dave relates practice with clays to solid hits […]