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2010 USPSA Nationals

Angus Hobdell, Matt Mink, and Matt Hopkins of the CZ-USA Shooting Team as well as many other CZ shooters are competing in Las Vegas for the US IPSC Championships Oct 8-16th. Angus, Matt and Matt will be shooting the SP-01 in Production division. Matt Mink will be shooting the CZ 75 TS in Limited 10 division as well. Good Luck to all the CZ Shooters at this years Nationals!

The SP-01 was designed as a sidearm for law enforcement, but due to it’s great handling and the reliability of the 75 platform, it has seen great success in competition as well. Among many other championships, it was used by Adam Tyc of the CZ Shooting Team to win 2 World Championships in IPSC, and by Angus Hobdell to take the shootoffs at the last IPSC World Shoot.

The Fox station in Kansas City did a piece on Matt Hopkins as he was preparing to leave for Nationals. Matt Hopkins spends his weekends at IPSC matches and his days in the CZ-USA customer service department. Click Here to check out the video.

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