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2010 Seminole Cup Sporting Clays

The Seminole Cup is just what everyone should do in the middle of February, if memory serves me right the temperature in Kansas City was just above 20 degrees and it was 76 degrees in Mims Florida at the Quail Creek Plantation. This was just one of the reasons why this was a perfect sporting clays event. The course had a difficulty level that reminded many northerners just how long the winter had actually been. It certainly proves that if you have the opportunity to travel south to shoot in the winter then do it. I watched several Master Class shooter that I know personally struggle to get the rust out of their barrels as this was the first large tournament of the 2010 season and many had not practiced much over the winter.

The event ran smooth a silk and so did my CZ-Sporting Clays Gun. At that point I had about 30 thousand rounds through it. Just enough to think I might have it trained. Then I kicked off the year in central Florida. Wow! Almost forgot what targets looked like. It took me a bit to get back in the swing of things. I guess I should have braved the cold for a little more practice. I did however manage to finish better than 90% of the field. Like many of us that live in a snow zone, I haven’t pulled the trigger very much since November, but my 32 inch friend and I got reacquainted very quickly. I finished strong and got my season started out right. The final total was 431 entries, now that’s a big shoot.

David Miller, CZ-USA Shooting Team

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